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BodyMind Educate

Body Mind Educate is a leading educational consultant that strongly believes in the transformative power of education. Our lies in providing youth advocacy and personal development education workshops training facilitation for young people in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Contact Rebecca for further information at 

Or call 07984397716

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Body Mind Educate is dedicated to making a positive impact within our community. We are proud to offer free community projects, demonstrating the power of a united community.
Our next project .....


BodyMind Educate is once again organising the FREE Promwear promotion to assist families who may be struggling with the rising cost of living and concerned about the upcoming cost of their child's prom. 

Last year, BME helped 17 young people attend their final prom with the help of this service.

Thanks to the support of our local community, I have collected a wide range of donations, including an extensive selection of dresses, suits, shoes, and accessories in various sizes. All in excellent condition.

I am offering this service to any family needing help to alleviate the financial burden of the final prom, ensuring that no young person misses out on their last childhood memory.

This service is entirely free and confidential, for any further information or appointments, please call or text, 079843397716.

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Prom season is almost here! Get ready with BodyMind Educate and our exciting collaboration with NAILSBY_KELISE. We're giving away 5 sets of custom-designed acrylic nails to make your prom night extra special.

You have two chances to win! Three lucky girls who have visited the BodyMind Educate prom boutique will receive a set, with their privacy guaranteed. The other two sets will go to anyone attending their final prom.

Here's how to enter:

1. Follow and like BodyMind Educate

2. Follow and like Kelise Eyres via Instagram @NAILSBY_KELISE

3. Follow and like Salford Step into Action

Once you've completed these steps, tag yourself and share the post. It's that easy!

Stay tuned for the big announcement on June 17th. Don't miss your chance to win

Welcome to Body Mind Educate

Endless Possibilities for healthy young minds.
Helping to build the foundations for our future generations...

BodyMind Educate is driven by the mission to help young people discover their voice, acquire new skills, and pursue their dreams. We are delighted to offer tailored workshops for young people as well as specialized training workshops for professionals. These workshops are led by a qualified and experienced Advanced PSHE/Sexual Health practitioner and youth advocate with over 12 years of professional experience and qualifications.

It is imperative to empower the younger generation to build the self-esteem and understanding necessary for their journey into wholesome adulthood. Youth advocacy plays a crucial role in creating a responsible society by raising awareness and providing young people with the information they need to make wise decisions.

Our goal is to empower young individuals to become their own advocates and develop a strong, healthy voice. We believe that every student has the potential for greatness, and we are dedicated to guiding them and offering outreach workshops covering various essential topics. BodyMind Educate aims to make learning easy, affordable, and enjoyable, delivering outreach teaching and training directly to the Greater Manchester area.

BodyMind Educate's Story

For over 12 years, Rebecca has devoted her expertise to the support of young adolescents in various settings, including education provisions, residential units, youth centres, & the NHS sector, where she formerly served as an Advanced Sexual Health Education Practitioner for five years. 
As an outreach teacher, Rebecca travelled throughout the Salford community, delivering lessons on modern Relationships, Sex, and Health Education (RSHE) that reflect contemporary society's issues & the challenges faced by the younger generation. She collaborated with services such as the local Family Liaison Service, Social Services, & the Salford Youth Council to gain insight into local youth culture. Rebecca created & implemented professional training programs for teaching professionals & practitioners working in youth provisions to obtain modern-day sexual health information, gain insight into youth culture & recent trends, as well as provide advice & support to young people.
Over the years, she has observed a decline in the mental health, behaviours, self-esteem, & noticed an increase in reckless decision-making of younger generations. This has prompted her to investigate the mental health links & decision-making processes of young people. She discovered that the majority, particularly those from deprived areas, lack a full understanding of their personal journey into adolescence, leaving many of them confused and fearful, making poor decisions based on their feelings, which are constantly changing during puberty.
She believes that a lot of young individuals consume media containing high levels of sexualized content, such as television, social media, & celebrity culture, without proper information or education about basic personal developments, such as the stages of puberty, this can lead to anxiety & issues with self-esteem, damaging the young person's view of a healthy adult & the expectations of adulthood. She realized that it is crucial to raise awareness & provide age-appropriate education covering the changes young people experience physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, & socially, guiding them in the process of their journey into adulthood, by teaching them how to advocate for themselves, with a strong healthy voice & a knowledgeable mind.
Rebecca established BodyMind Educate to provide an advocacy service for young people who can offer informative, engaging, & unforgettable life lessons to young people from puberty to adulthood, with the aim of creating healthier & happier bodies and minds for the future.
Her service aims to underscore the critical need for changes in PSHE/RSHE curriculum, policies, procedures, & the approach taken by professionals in teaching & understanding the subject efficiently & confidently.
PSHE/RSHE is as important as mathematics or English lessons & should be developed & delivered accordingly with a young person knowing their rights, being informed & taught how to advocate for themselves healthily.
Rebecca's service provides an outreach program offering engaging educational workshops & advocacy services for young people & provides training & much-needed insight into modern PSHE/RSHE curriculum to strengthen teaching.
Given the significant societal & cultural changes in the past 21 years since the last time the "new" PSHE/RSHE legislation was updated, getting it right is critical to creating a healthier generation for tomorrow.

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Get in Touch

We’d love to hear from you! Reach out today with any questions, or simply to learn more about Body Mind Educate. Contact Becky on 07984397716 or fill out the enquiry form

& we will aim to respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.

Based in Salford and Greater Manchester, UK

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